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Mini WiFi Camera 1080P HD IR Night Vision Home Security Camera Baby Monitor

Mini WiFi Camera 1080P HD IR Night Vision Home Security Camera Baby Monitor

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  • Record/watch video live without Wi-Fi.
  • 24/7 unlimited battery life when plugged into an outlet or power bank.
  • Send push notification to your phone when weird motion is detected.
  • Record video with a time date stamp.
  • Charge & record simultaneously.
  • Control multiple cameras with one app.
  • Infrared night vision even in fully dark environments.
  • Fully wireless & can be used without Wi-Fi.
  • Free Control App for both iPhone & Android.

1 x Surveillance camera
1 x Magnetic holder
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x Instruction manual

WiFi Hotspot Connection

With its free app, trigger a video recording with every movement, or monitor live from anywhere on your smartphone.

Camera has built-in Wifi hotspot, directly connect phone to the camera's inbuilt WiFi hotspot, can remotely control(within 10meters) even phone has no network.


Simple To Use

The free app Little Stars can view up to 4 small security cameras on the same screen so you'll be able to monitor different angles of your home. If you plan to install these mini cameras for home security, we highly recommend that you connect constant power to each device.

Infrared Night Vision

Built-in 6 hidden infrared lights for a clear display in low light condition, the light working distance reach to 5m, With the internal magnet, Upgraded hidden camera can be adsorbed on any iron surfaces easily.

Loop Recording

For a small piece of equipment, this mini security camera integrates a long list of useful features including 150° Wide Angle Lens, 1080P HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, No-Glow Night Vision, Remote Record/Snapshot/Playback.

Install a 32GB micro SD card ( Not included) in the hidden mini spy camera 1080p and let it loop record in a car, home, hotel, office, warehouse, or showroom.

Remote Viewing

Real-time monitoring of room conditions, camera video playback. As long as the camera is connected to WiFi, cellphones, computers or tablets can view in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the mini camera?

The mini spy camera is a monitoring device that will allow you to observe what happens at home or any other desired location in real time. Equipped with a motion detector and an integrated alarm system, you will be immediately notified in case of suspicious movement. The camera is sufficient to monitor one room, but if your home is larger, we recommend several models.

How long does it take to fully charge?

Around 2.5 hours. When the red LED is off, charging is complete.

Has anyone bought this product? Is it worth buying?

I've been buying it for two weeks, it works fine, the price is right, it's worth buying!

Can I watch live video on my phone from anywhere in the world?

Of course, the camera supports wifi connection and you can watch it in real time on your phone.

How do I know if the camera is on?

Press and hold the power button for three seconds and release it, the blue indicator lights up, and the camera enters the standby state.

Does this camera need to be hooked up to wifi?

The camera has two wifi options. 1) It can be hooked up to your home wifi. In that case if you have multiple cameras (say 4) you can see all the cameras in 4 panel mode. 2) If you don't have home wifi available, let say you are camping in the forest, you can hook up your cell phone to the camera's transmitting wifi signal to see your image. In this case, just go to you're cell phone's settings, find wifi settings, find the camera's transmitting signal ID, then connect. Once your cell phone connects to the camera's wifi signal, invoke you camera app on your cell phone, then go through the app motions to establish/finish the connection proceedure to see you're camera image. If you use the camera wifi hotspot, and have mutliple camera's, you can only see one camera image at a time. In this case, if you want to see your other camera's, you have to constantly go back to your cell phone's wifi settings, then reconnect to another camera's wifi hotspot signals.

Can I zoom in and out during recording ?

No, this camera does not support zoom in during recording or playback.

Hi, can this camera be used while charging ?

Yes, this camera supports recording while charging.

How can I contact the seller when I have trouble ?

You can send us a message and our customer service will respond to your message within minutes

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