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Anti Snoring Device

Anti Snoring Device

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Quiet Nights, Restful Mornings: Introducing SleepSilent™ - Your Solution to Peaceful Sleep"

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Stop Snoring On the Very First Night

Tackle Sleep Apnea At the Root

Deep Rest Without Interruptions

No More Grogginess, No More Brain Fog

Sleep, Feel, and Live Better


  • Silicone material is safe, non-toxic, harmless, washable, reusable and soft to fit in the nostril firmly and comfortably.
  • Relieving snore and nasal congestion to give back you and her a good sleep and smooth breath.
  • Improving sleep apnea without disturbing normal sleep.
  • Allowing you to breathe healthy and fresh air.
  • Can hold the tongue forward with gentle suction to open the airway and prevent tongue from falling back to the back of the throat.
  • V shape design is suitable for most tongue size.
  • Mini size with light weight will not add extra pressure to nose, which is convenient to carry as well.


Material: Silicone

Color: Transparent 
Type: Sleeping Aid

Function: Relieving Snoring and Aiding Sleep Apnea 

How To Use:

  1. Place the mouthpiece between your front teeth and lips and keep the protruding parts outside your mouth.
  2. Mark the side with V shape downwards in your mouth.
  3. Squeeze the outside part to let air out.
  4. Put your tongue into it and let go the mouthpiece, then your tongue will be sucked.

Package Included:
1 x Anti Snore Mouthpiece 

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