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EuroSeal MasonVac™ Vacuum Sealer Kit

EuroSeal MasonVac™ Vacuum Sealer Kit

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Say Goodbye to Spoiled Food! EuroSeal MasonVac™ - Keep Your Food Fresher, Longer! 

Instantly make your food last 3-5x longer with the EuroSeal MasonVac™ powerful vacuum.

Effortlessly preserve your food with our Open, Serve, Reseal system. Seal and reseal in under 40 seconds for ultimate freshness.

  1. Get an instant 3-5x extra shelf life on stored food!
  2. Airtight seals keeps pantry pests out forever!
  3. Seal and reseal with both standard and wide lids!

What's included?

  • Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer
  • Lid Adaptor ($9.99)
  • 5 x Large Sealing Caps
  • 5 x Small Sealing Caps
  • USB charger

The culprit behind spoiled food and pantry pests: exposure to air

Did you know the average household wastes $1500 a year on food?

EuroSeal MasonVac™ eliminates air from your mason jar, ensuring a flawless, airtight seal. Say goodbye to wasted food and pantry pests, and hello to fresher, longer-lasting provisions!

Why does food go bad?

Air exposure attracts moisture and oxygen, fostering pantry pests.

Air also dehydrates food, causing staleness in texture and taste.

Oxygen in the air speeds up oxidation, leading to bacterial growth and spoilage.

Stop food wastage today!

The Mason Genie sucks all the air out of any mason jar and delivers a perfect airtight seal!

Buy all your dry foods in bulk and keep them good for years!

Keep wet foods like fruits, salads and soups fresher for longer in the the fridge!

The EuroSeal MasonVac™ makes sealing a breeze.

EuroSeal MasonVac™ does what other sealers can’t. A perfect seal in less than 40 seconds.

Step #1

Put food in your mason jar. Cover the jar with the lid.

Step #2

Cover the lip with the Mason Genie. Press start.

Step #3

Wait 20 seconds.. Your jar is now perfectly sealed!

Step #4

After the recommended time has passed, click the button again to halt the sealing process. As you do this, the sealer's display area will showcase its current battery level. Finally, carefully unplug or detach the sealer by pulling it upwards away from the jar.


Extend Food Freshness: Keep food fresher for up to 5 times longer.
Save Money: Reduce food waste and save hundreds of euros annually.
Effortless Operation: Simple one-touch vacuum sealing for convenience.
Versatile Preservation: Suitable for both dry goods and liquids.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Can I use EuroSeal MasonVac™ with my existing mason jars?
A: Yes, our product is compatible with standard mason jars.

Q: How noisy is EuroSeal MasonVac™ during operation?
A: EuroSeal MasonVac™ operates quietly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Q: Can EuroSeal MasonVac™ preserve both dry and wet ingredients?
A: Absolutely! Our vacuum sealing technology effectively preserves both dry goods and liquids.

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