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Smart Trash Can For Bathroom Bedroom 16L

Smart Trash Can For Bathroom Bedroom 16L

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High Quality Smart Trash Can



★ Best for kitchen & bathroom ★

No need to touch the can with your hand or foot!

Find the perfect combination of intelligence and style in the Smart Auto Trash Can. This sleek can opens and closes its lid effortlessly using an induction sensor. Just wave your hand within the 15 cm to 25 cm range, and it will do the rest.

Charging operation tips

Function: induction + hand press + kick

✅ Please use 5V socket to complete charging. When the power is plugged in, the red light will be displayed, and the green light will be changed to complete the charging.

✅ Power: Long press the mountain button, release it when the green light flashes.

✅ Open the lid by hand: press the hundred button once to open the lid, and press it again to close the lid. Hand press to open, hand press to close.

✅ Infrared induction: place your hand about 10cm-20cm above the induction area. The lid opens automatically and closes automatically after 5 seconds.

✅ Kick function: kick the barrel once, the lid will open automatically and close automatically after 5 seconds.

✅ Turn off the power: Long press Shaoqiye and release when the red light flashes.


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