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Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle

Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Elevate your daily hydration with the chcyus Hydrogen Generator Water Cup. Enjoy antioxidant-rich hydrogen water for potential health benefits.


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💧 Hydrogen-Infused Wellness

Embark on a revolutionary hydration journey with the Hydro bottle. This innovative hydrogen water bottle infuses your water with molecular hydrogen, offering a powerful antioxidant boost.

Experience rejuvenation, enhanced energy, and comprehensive wellness with every sip.

Trusted by Over 2539+ Customers

Improve Hydration & Heal Your Body

Are you aware that a staggering 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration? Surprisingly, the average person drinks just 2.5 cups of water daily

Fatigue, headaches, and lack of focus are more than just life's stressors – they are your body's cry for water.

Drinking hydrogen water will hydrate you faster and cause you to have more clarity and feel better throughout your day.

Boost Your Antioxidants and Reduce Inflammation

Scientific studies have revealed the exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of hydrogen water, potentially aiding in over 150+ different health conditions.

Remarkably, drinking just three bottles of hydrogen water can offer antioxidant effects comparable to consuming hundreds of fruits and vegetables

Turn Anything Into A Water Bottle.

The Hydro Cell is a cutting-edge device that has revolutionized the way we consume water. This innovative technology harnesses the power of molecular hydrogen to enhance the quality and health benefits of the water you drink. With a simple attachment, the Hydro Cell can transform any ordinary water bottle into a potent source of hydrogen-rich water, containing an impressive concentration of 1000 ppb of molecular hydrogen.

Advanced Filtration System

Experience the transformation of water with a simple press of a button. Our patented electrolysis process innovatively separates H2O into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

This leads to water enriched with hydrogen gas, providing superior antioxidant properties for a healthier, purer hydration experience. Plus, oxygen and other byproduct gases are efficiently and safely vented away.

Why You'll Love OurHydrogen Generator Water Bottle


✅Health Benefits





Elevate Your Health with Hydrogen: The Ultimate Hydration Experience

Boosted Vitality and Clarity

Embrace a more energized life with our hydrogen-rich water. It sharpens your mental focus and boosts energy, making every day more productive and fulfilling.

Eco-Conscious Hydration

Join the movement towards a greener planet. Our solution minimizes reliance on plastic bottles, offering a sustainable path to hydration with every sip.

Antioxidant-Rich Wellness

Shield your body from oxidative stress with our antioxidant-packed hydrogen water. It's not just hydration; it's a daily dose of wellness, combating free radicals for improved health.

Superior Hydration Technology

Experience deep cellular hydration with our Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle. It's designed for maximum absorption, ensuring your body stays hydrated and operates at peak performance.

Where did Hydrogen Water come from?

In 1992, people found a magical cave in a village called Nordenau near Dusseldorf Germany. Many incurable local's miraculously recovered after drinking the magic water from the cave. Many scientists have found that the magical water was rich in hydrogen. Which brings us to today, with all of this is mind we founded Hydro Cell.

Customer Questions & Answers

How does hydrogen water benefit my health?

Hydrogen water is known to improve hydration and reduce oxidative stress.

Is the bottle easy to use and maintain?

Absolutely! It's designed for convenience and durability.

How does the Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle work?

Our Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle uses advanced technology to infuse regular water with molecular hydrogen. This is achieved through a built-in hydrogen generator that creates hydrogen gas and dissolves it into the water, resulting in hydrogen-rich water for you to enjoy.

Is the hydrogen-infused water safe to drink?

Yes, hydrogen-infused water is safe to drink. Molecular hydrogen is a natural component of water, and numerous studies have shown its safety and health benefits.

Can I take it anywhere?

Yes, it's perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

When will I receive a tracking number?

Our order processing time is 1 - 3 business days after the order is placed. Once your order is ready to be shipped, we will email you your shipping confirmation email with your tracking number.

What if i didn't like it

We offer return and refund within 90 day of receipt of shipment. You can return this item for any reason: no shipping charges.

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